About Us

About OCRC

We specialize in conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials which test investigational medications being developed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These clinical trials are designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of innovative drugs and treatments in humans.

OCRC is currently offering a variety of clinical trials and research studies in which you can participate. All participants receive all treatments and medical care related to the trial at no cost. Additionally, participants may be compensated for time and travel.

About OCRC


Orlando Clinical Research Center (OCRC) is an independent Phase I-IV custom built 35,000 SF research site specifically designed for Phase 1 trials. The facility includes 100 in-house volunteer beds, dual lead digital telemetry with up to 25 leads, an upgraded security system with card key access and digitally recorded cameras, as well as a special treatment area with 12 hospital beds (6 of which are plumbed for onsite hemodialysis).

Our Facility Includes:

  • – 100 beds
  • – Separate accommodations for men and women
  • – 24 hour medical coverage
  • – Private Client Monitoring Room
  • – 12 exam rooms
  • – Large special Treatment Lab with 12 hospital bed (6 are plumbed for dialysis)
  • – Certified sample processing laboratory
  • – Freezers: 3 (-70°C) and 2 (-20° C)
  • – Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • – Computerized EKG machines
  • – Registered Dietitian Consultant

Recreational amenities:

  • – Pool table
  • – Computer room with high speed internet
  • – Direct TV
  • – Cable TV in all rooms
  • – VCR and DVD Players