Orlando Clinical Research Center (OCRC) is an independent Phase I-IV custom built 35,000 SF research site specifically designed for Phase 1 trials. The facility includes 100 in-house volunteer beds, dual lead digital telemetry with up to 25 leads, an upgraded security system with card key access and digitally recorded cameras, as well as a special treatment area with 12 hospital beds (6 of which are plumbed for onsite hemodialysis). 

Our Facility Includes:

  • 100 beds
  • Separate accommodations for men and women
  • Recreational amenities:
    • Pool table
    • Computer room with high speed and modem internet connections
    • Direct TV
    • Cable TV in all rooms
    • VCR and DVD Players
  • 24 hour medical coverage
  • Private Client Monitoring Room
  • 12 exam rooms
  • Large special Treatment Lab with 12 hospital bed (6 are plumbed for dialysis)
  • Certified sample processing laboratory
  • Freezers: 3 (-70°C) and 2 (-20° C)
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Computerized EKG machines
  • Registered Dietitian Consultant