Orlando Clinical Research Center (OCRC) is an independent Phase I-IV custom built 36,000 sq. ft. research site specifically designed for Phase 1 trials. The facility includes 100 in-house volunteer beds situated between 26 separate dorm-style rooms, dual lead digital telemetry, an upgraded security system with card key access and digitally recorded cameras, as well as a special treatment/observation area with 12 hospital beds (6 of which are plumbed for onsite hemodialysis).

OCRC recognizes the importance of timely start-up and thorough documentation processing from initial contact through completion. We offer a full spectrum of services designed to ensure the smooth operation and success of your trial. From study initiation to closeout, your project has a dedicated team committed to excellence… committed to you.

OCRC is conveniently located in the medical district of central Florida with easy access to the Orlando International Airport, hotel accommodations, and area attractions.


Our streamlined and thorough planning, coordination and monitoring process ensures both efficiency and exacting quality. At OCRC our qualifications include:

  • Full time, On-Site Physician Investigator and Certified Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Pre-study & Initiation visits
  • Protocol development & review
  • Medical management
  • Preparation of source documents
  • Comprehensive subject recruitment & enrollment tracking
  • CRF completion, drug accountability, AE review and reporting
  • Dedicated regulatory team
  • Informed consent preparation/review
  • Regulatory document collection and processing
  • Use of central Institutional Review Boards

Volunteer Recruitment

Centered in the nation’s most popular tourist attraction destination OCRC has accrued a broad participant base that is continually updated and replenished through referrals from advertisements, private practices, dialysis centers, universities, and retirement communities.

Our dedicated recruitment staff maintains an ever-expanding and detailed database that allows us to access suitable volunteers based on important demographic input that encompasses all major groups for volunteer populations.

We also have excellent relationships with the local newspaper, radio and television stations to facilitate and maintain affordable and effective advertising for studies as necessary.

Data Management Capabilities

  • Conventional CRF entry
  • Remote data entry
  • Web based data capture
  • Electronic data transfer – (ECG, rigiscan, glucose monitors, ABPM, Holter)


ORCR at Night

The Orlando Clinical Research Center (OCRC) remains on the frontier of clinical research, an independent, Phase I-IV, custom-built 36,000 SF research site specifically designed for Phase I trials. The new facility includes:

  • 100 beds for dormitory style patient confinement with separate accommodations for men and women
  • Separate Large Intensive treatment/observation area for specialty service with 12 hospital beds (6 are plumbed for dialysis)
  • Hemodialysis done in our facility for the ultimate in flexibility of hemodialysis PK studies
  • Recreational amenities include: Cable TV in all dorm rooms, Pool table, Quiet Room with cable modem internet access, Satellite and cable TV in recreation rooms with VCR and DVD players
  • 24-hour medical supervision
  • 12 Examination rooms
  • Full time registered dietitian
  • Within 3 miles of Level 1 Trauma Center
  • Alarm System Security with closed circuit TV and card key access
  • Specified private client monitoring areas with phone lines and cable modem access
  • Certified sample processing laboratory
  • Special laboratory processing techniques and equipment to include a class II Bio-safety cabinet, Laboratory freezers (-70°C and -20°C)
  • Refrigerated Centrifuges
  • Computerized ECG machines
  • Secured storage for a drug supplies and documents
  • Dynamaps with printers
  • Spirometry
  • IV infusion pumps
  • Dual Lead Digital Telemetry
  • ABPM
  • Holter Monitoring