What are the benefits of participating in a clinical research study?

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical research study?

November 13, 2015

Clinical trials, which have been shown to be safe, are intended to improve researcher’s medical knowledge. The data collected helps to inform the general public about dosage recommendations and side effects of medication; but outside of the scientific value of clinical trials, there are a number of benefits to study participants.

Gain access to new treatments that are not yet available to the public.

By participating in a clinical trial, you put yourself near the front of the line for innovative medicines and/or treatments. Newer treatments may have less negative side effects than what exists in the marketplace. According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, clinical trials “The results of these studies can make a difference in the care of future patients by providing information about the benefits and risks of therapeutic, preventative, or diagnostic products or interventions.”

Receive top-notch complimentary treatment during a clinical study.

For those experiencing financial hardships, clinical studies can offer an opportunity to talk with leading medical experts at zero cost. Participants who enter into a study also receive a high standard of care under the watchful eye of a highly qualified team.

People who may particularly benefit from this access to top doctors include:

  • Veterans returning from deployment
  • Job losses or pay cuts
  • Underinsured individuals
  • Self-employed individuals without health insurance
  • Recent graduates who cannot afford medical care
  • Noncitizen immigrants
  • Those who experience a gap in Medicaid

Help researchers find a cure.

One of the most gratifying parts of clinical studies is that participants are helping improve lives, and possibly save lives once a treatment is finalized. A large percentage of modern medicines are currently available today because of the clinical trial participants who worked with researchers to determine treatment safety and efficacy.

Participate in a clinical trial.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical study, contact OCRC to learn more about the variety of clinical trials and research studies we offer. Our staff is comprehensively trained to operate our state-of-the-art safety monitoring equipment. Additionally, we explain our methodology to every participant in all clinical studies. We also pride ourselves on the policies we put into place to keep everyone safe — both our staff, and study volunteers.

If you are interested in participating, please tell us a little more about yourself in the Current studies section of the home page. We will respond to you to determine your eligibility for current and future studies.

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