What do clinical researchers do?

What do clinical researchers do?

April 29, 2016

Millions of Americans depend on medical devices and medications every day, and while they may not be fully aware of the connection, clinical trials have directly contributed to their health and wellbeing. Life-saving medications, treatments and devices all go through rigorous testing and evaluation by medical researchers.

Clinical researchers play an important role in the drug approval process

Clinical researchers help determine what medications are safe and effective for the general public, through close and careful testing of a group of study volunteers. They are an integral part of the drug approval process, and the results of every clinical trial help scientists and other researchers deepen their understanding of medications and their effect on the body.

Clinical research helps generate scientific data

Clinical researchers work in a medical center or clinic, with a team who gathers data and monitors side effects and patient wellbeing in the laboratory. The researchers investigate medication efficacy, potency, dosing, side effects, as well as drug impact on study volunteers. They closely monitor participants for changes and meticulously document findings for FDA review.

Clinical researchers recruit study volunteers who meet certain criteria, or represent a specific segment of the population, depending on who the potential audience is for a given medication. Additionally, these volunteers may participate in a given study for months or years, depending on the study protocol.

Help researchers find a cure.

Many of today’s medical advances are the direct result of clinical studies, and because of the diligent work of researchers, people have lived longer and healthier lives. Many clinical trial participants also find it gratifying to help facilitate medical advancements that will improve lives, and possibly saves lives, down the road.

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