What to Expect During a Clinical Trial?

What to Expect During a Clinical Trial?

August 25, 2015

Clinical trials are studies that help researchers determine whether new treatments or medical products are safe for the general population. Doctors use clinical trials to develop new treatments for diseases such as diabetes and hepatitis C.

In order to participate in a clinical study, a volunteer’s eligibility must first be established. The criteria differ from trial to trial. However, researchers look at factors like age, gender, health, and disease type or stage.

Volunteers can expect more tests and examinations to determine the effectiveness of the product or treatment in order to clearly establish the impact of the treatment. Clinical researchers are held to strict standards to ensure the safety of study volunteers.

What purpose do clinical trials serve?

Clinical trials serve the following purposes:

  • Establish whether a medical product or device is safe for humans;
  • If the product is deemed safe, identify how effectively the treatment works;
  • Determine which segments of the population experience the highest success rate.

The goal of clinical trials is to prevent, detect, or treat disease. Scientists spend years researching and testing new medical products prior to the commencement of clinical trials. It can often take years of work to see a product through to clinical trials. This makes the efforts of researchers extremely important to the future success of the product.

How do clinical trials work?

The pharmaceutical sponsor designs every study to address key research questions related to the medical product. The Principal Investigator as well as the medical staff follow strict scientific standards to ensure accurate data and reduce the margin for error.

The study plan that clinical trials follow is called a protocol. The Principal Investigator reviews the protocol and specified goals, objectives and instructions developed by the researcher or manufacturer, prior to beginning a clinical trial.

Want to learn more about clinical trials?

ClinicalTrials.gov and the FDA website are both excellent resources for information about clinical studies. Our staff is also happy to offer tours to volunteers who meet study criteria at our clean and stress-free space located in sunny Orlando, FL.

At OCRC, we offer a variety of clinical trials and research studies in which you can participate in our state-of-the-art clinical research facility. The Phase I-IV clinical trials that we specialize in test investigational medications being developed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. All participants receive all treatments and medical care related to the trial. Additionally, participants may be compensated for time and travel. Health insurance is never a requirement.

At the Orlando Clinical Research Center, we are committed to making all of our volunteers feel comfortable while participating in our studies. If you are interested in volunteering, please tell us a little more about yourself in the Contact section of the home page and we will respond to you to determine your eligibility for current and future studies.