5 Clinical Research Opportunities for Men in Florida

5 Clinical Research Opportunities for Men in Florida

June 28, 2024

5 Clinical Research Opportunities for Men in Florida

Clinical research is essential for the advancement of medicine. It allows for the expansion of researchers’ understanding of how the human body functions, making it possible for people to receive better care and experience better treatment outcomes.

For some, it’s also a way to get access to brand-new treatments not yet widely available. If you’re looking for a chance to do your own part and help medicine take the next step forward, there are lots of clinical research opportunities available. Learn more about some of the options in Florida that are currently enrolling male participants.

1. A5 Kidney Study

The purpose of the A5 kidney study is to determine how the investigational drug is absorbed, broken down, and removed from the body in volunteers with kidney impairment on hemodialysis when compared to volunteers with a normal level of kidney function. Information regarding safety and side effects that may occur will also be collected. This study is for research purposes only and is not intended to treat your kidney disease.

The investigational drug will be administered as a single oral dose of study medication in two separate treatment periods To qualify, you must be a man or woman between the ages of 18 to 75. You must receive dialysis treatments at least three times per week and may see a nephrologist for medicines such as Procrit®, Epogen®, or Aranesp® for low blood count, PhosLo for high blood phosphorus.

The A5 study requires that you stay at the research facility for nine days and eight nights and requires three follow-up visits over two separate treatment periods. Qualified participants will receive study medication, study-related physical exams, and laboratory tests and will receive up to $7,650 for time and travel.

2. Flu/COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

To help create a more effective vaccine for flu and COVID-19, CenExel RCA is accepting participants in Florida. You can be male or female, but you must be 50 years or older and healthy. You don’t have to have health insurance to participate.

During this trial, you’ll receive the vaccine and be tested to see how effective it is in combating both of these diseases. Participants may also receive compensation for their time and travel expenses.

3. Networks Across Lifespan Study

Florida State University sponsors another clinical research opportunity available for men. This study examines how the brain changes across a human lifespan and collects MRI and behavioral data.

Participants must be males between the ages of 36 and 75 who don’t have any non-removal metal implants or parts because of the need to use an MRI machine.

To participate, you must not have psychiatric or neurological disorders and must be willing to travel to the lab eight times over one to three months. You must be a native English speaker. Compensation can be up to $540.

4. Transformative Health Justice Collaborative Type 2 Diabetes Study

This clinical trial is accepting participants who are African American men and women 18 or older with type 2 diabetes. You must also receive your primary care at Capital Health Plan.

The study focuses on helping to reduce racial bias so that people from all backgrounds can receive the quality care they need. It will require two in-person 90-minute group discussions. Compensation will be a $50 e-gift card per discussion.

5. Effect of Collagen Protein vs. Placebo on Muscle Recovery

The University of Central Florida is sponsoring a study that aims to see how collagen protein compares to a placebo when it comes to tendon and muscle recovery after calf exercises. To participate, you must be a man between the ages of 18 and 30 and must be considered healthy.

If you’re allergic to bovine collagen or maltodextrin, if you’re not healthy enough for the study, or if you’ve not participated in strength training in the last three months, you may not be eligible. The study will take one to two weeks and will require five total visits.

You will complete some calf muscle exercises during these visits and get your calf and your Achilles tendon measured. Throughout the study, you will need to take 30 mg of either placebos or collagen peptides made from bovine hide.

Learn More About Clinical Study Participation

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