Five Ways to Support Clinical Trials Day

Five Ways to Support Clinical Trials Day

May 13, 2021

Five Ways to Support Clinical Trials Day

May 20 is Clinical Trials Day, a worldwide celebration of the first controlled clinical trial conducted by James Lind in May 1747. Through his clinical research, Lind was able to find a remedy for sailors suffering from scurvy.

Clinical Trials Day has been nationally recognized holiday since its inception in 2005. This year in particular, Clinical Trials Day takes on a whole new level of appreciation. Thanks to the existence of clinical trials and the diligence of clinical researchers, millions of live-saving COVID-19 vaccines have been made available in efforts to bring our lives back to normal.

Keep reading for five ways you can join the celebration and support Clinical Trials Day.

Sign Up for a Virtual Event

We’ve all become experts in video calls and virtual hangouts over the past year, so why not celebrate Clinical Trials Day virtually? Join a virtual event, or host your own Zoom call. Bonus points for including clinical research trivia!

Share #CTD2021 Content

Never underestimate the power of hashtags when it comes to spreading awareness. Use the Clinical Trials Day 2021 hashtags #CTD2021 and #clinicaltrialsday to share and re-share clinical research content across all social media platforms.

Go to to download ready-to-use social media posts and digital banners, and print selfie signs and posters.

Educate Yourself and Others about Clinical Research

The #CTD2021 hashtag isn’t just about sharing content—it’s also for learning. Scroll the hashtag on Twitter this month to learn more about clinical research. For example, you can follow the Lilly Trials Twitter account this month to learn about common myths surrounding clinical trials.

Of course, you can always check out our blog to learn more about clinical research, especially if you’re interested in becoming a clinical trial participant.

Thank a Clinical Researcher

If you know a clinical researcher, Clinical Trials Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for all their hard work. Send a thank you card, deliver donuts, gift some flowers… whatever will make the clinical researcher in your life feel loved and appreciated.

Sign Up for a Clinical Trial

Of course, clinical research wouldn’t exist without the help of clinical study participants. If you’re considering participation in a clinical trial, there’s no better time to sign up for a study than Clinical Trials Day. Thanks to the advancements of technology, virtual clinical trials are also an option.

Check out our current studies for regularly updated opportunities to get involved in clinical research.